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Beaumont Inn

Constructed in 1845, the building which is now the Main Inn at The Beaumont Inn was a school for young ladies. 

For the next forty years, the school was known as Daughters College and was under the direction of Mr. John Augustus Williams, former president of the University of Kentucky.  The school operated as Beaumont College until 1916.

It was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Glave Goddard in 1917 and converted by them into the Beaumont Inn two years later.

Inside the Main Inn, see a big collection of historic photos and interesting artifacts – a wonderful museum of Kentucky history. The room on the right of the entrance, now the Front Desk of the Inn, was the school library. 

In the fall of 2003, the city of Harrodsburg passed the local option ordinance, which allowed Beaumont Inn to acquire a liquor license. Almost immediately the Dedman family began “construction” of the Old Owl Tavern, which is located on the south end of the Main Building. Be sure to stop in, try the casual menu or taste one of Kentucky’s famous bourbons.

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