Former Bus Station Turned Restaurant Makes You Feel at Home in Harrodsburg

Owner: Lora White

When Lora White started leasing the Olde Bus Station in 1998, she could’ve never imagined the path it would lead her on 23 years later. After leasing for two years, White decided to purchase the building and business located at 227 S. Greenville Street in 2000, and has never looked back.

Known for their hand pattied burgers, their soft-serve banana ice cream and their small town vibe, The Olde Bus Station is one of Harrodsburg’s favorite restaurants. Originally, The Olde Bus Station was exactly what the name implies, a bus station.
“It used to be a fully functioning bus station, but the busses stopped coming in 1991,” said White. “There are still things original to the building, including the bar.”

Since owning it, White has made several upgrades, including adding a patio in 2008, which White said has been one of the best decisions she ever made. “I bought a 4-plex on the corner and tore it down. I had been in Hawaii a few years before and everyone ate outside. No one was eating outside here at that time. I thought it would be so cool to have a patio. It’s ended up being a great success.”
Whether you are a local or visiting from out of town, Lora will make sure you are treated like family when you step inside her restaurant.
“The best part of my 23 years here has been getting to meet all of the people around town and making all of the relationships that I have.

Whether it is my regulars or someone new, it is like having another family,” said White.

Lora’s Favorite Item on the Menu: “A good ole cheeseburger!”